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hai mamas bag

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Our Mamas artisans in Kenya are experts at turning recycled materials into amazing products. Made with pieces of fabric donated to the project and certified fabrics from Ghana, this bag is practical, lightweight and great for carrying everything you need, even your laptop. The reinforced handle was designed to be resistant and comfortable even on those days when you need to carry more weight.

- Made in Kenya by Mary and Eva

- Double sided bag

- Material: cotton, polyester and lined with cotton and polyester

- 40 cm x 40 cm / Handle: 82 cm

- Made by hand. May have slight variations in colors/patterns

- Hand wash

Our products are handcrafted and sustainably made by our Mamas in Kenya. With each purchase you contribute to the work and financial independence of these women. Each woman was paid $75 for labor in the production. With that amount, within the community, it is possible to pay two months of rent and food for one month, considering a family of five.

Each piece is produced and packaged with lots of love and care by our team. Each purchase comes with a postcard with information about the project and the artisan who made your product. The delivery time depends on your location and the chosen shipping method. Our packaging is 100% paper and we are responsible for the environmental compensation of packaging by supporting a cooperative in São Paulo.

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