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round plate

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For thousands of years soapstone has been used to make sculptures and various objects. Our soapstone collection was specially designed to bring a bit of Kenyan art and tradition into your home. The stones are mined in Kisii and transported to our center in Nairobi, where the mamas are responsible for creation and production: they wash, paint and make paintings that represent the region and its origins. There are about 11 hours of work to produce each piece.

The round dish is perfect for decorating or storing jewelery in use.

  • Made in Kenya by Aisha, Mwanaidd, Juliette, Teresia, Jane, Linda, Lucy, Millicent, Evelyn and Mary
  • Hand-painted soapstone - may have small variations
  • 10 cm diameter.
  • Hand wash with mild soap and water
  • Do not use a brush or any abrasive material that could damage the paint.

    Photography: Patrick Lipke
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